I Remember Lemuria

I Remember Lemuria
Retro Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novella!CHAPTER I City of the TitansCHAPTER II From Art to EmbryologyCHAPTER III Terror in Tean CityCHAPTER IV Escape Into SpaceCHAPTER V The Princess VanueCHAPTER VI Conclave of the EldersCHAPTER VII A Wedding on NorCHAPTER VIII Return to MuCHAPTER IX The AbandonderoCHAPTER X Into the Tunnels of the DeroCHAPTER XI Battle to the

Book Summary I Remember Lemuria

Title I Remember Lemuria
AuthorRichard S. Shaver
Release Date02.11.2017
Formatpdf, fb2, mobi, txt
Pages235 pages

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