Toadies(Creepers Mysteries 2)

Toadies(Creepers Mysteries 2)
Have you ever been in a dark woods with just the trees and the toads? Have you ever been afraid of what a toadie can do in the dark? There are TWO ways to have fun with Creepers Mysteries. Enjoy reading the BOOK (in the front). Star in your own Movie for the Ear using the SCRIPT (in the back). Youll have a blast! Harry, Gillian and Arvin, along with their drama club, thro

Book Summary Toadies(Creepers Mysteries 2)

Title Toadies(Creepers Mysteries 2)
AuthorConnie Kingrey Anderson
Release Date16.10.2017
Formatpdf, fb2, mobi, txt
Pages530 pages

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