Flesh & Bone(Rot & Ruin 3)

Flesh & Bone(Rot & Ruin 3)
Reeling from the tragic events of Dust & Decay, Benny Imura and his friends plunge deep into the zombie-infested wastelands of the great Rot & Ruin. Benny, Nix, Lilah and Chong journey through a fierce wilderness that was once America, searching for the jet they saw in the skies months ago. If that jet exists then humanity itself must have survived�somewhere. Findi

Book Summary Flesh & Bone(Rot & Ruin 3)

Title Flesh & Bone(Rot & Ruin 3)
AuthorJonathan Maberry
Release Date16.10.2017
Formatpdf, fb2, mobi, txt
Pages623 pages

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