Meet Polkadot(Polkadot)

Meet Polkadot(Polkadot)
�Meet Polkadot,� is an accessible introduction to the main character in our series, Polkadot. Polkadot as well as Polkadot�s big sister Gladiola and best friend Norma Alicia, introduce our readers to the challenges and beauty that are experienced by Polkadot as a non-binary, trans kid. While Gladiola learns how to engage with information that she �didn�t know she didn�t kn

Book Summary Meet Polkadot(Polkadot)

Title Meet Polkadot(Polkadot)
AuthorTalcott Broadhead
Release Date24.10.2017
Formatpdf, fb2, mobi, txt
Pages371 pages

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